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To keep your pool sparkling over the summer you will need to maintain chemicals. One of the most important chemicals you will use is chlorine. There are two types of chlorine you will use:

  • Chlorine Pucks/Tablets: A slow releasing chlorine that will maintain chlorine levels over the summer, constantly releasing small amounts of chlorine.

  • Chlorine Granules: A fast acting chlorine used weekly to treat the pool. This MUST be used with pucks to maintain chlorine levels for a pristine pool.

What does this mean for you?

            You will need to add chlorine granules every week to your pool, and we have two main types for you:

  1. Amaze Plus Pouches: Add directly to the pool water surface weekly and swim within 15 minutes of treatment.

  2. Shock/Super Shock: Pre-dissolve with water in a large bucket before adding to the pool, do in the evening, swim in the morning.

How much do I need?

-View PDF document to view chart.

For the chlorine pucks, you will add these to one of three places:

  • Floating dispenser: Chlorine pucks can be held within a dispenser allowing them to dissolve freely and slowly.

  • Chlorinator: This canister shaped product holds large amounts of chlorine pucks and the output is controlled by the dial on the front. If you have a heater on your pool you should also have a chlorinator.

  • Skimmer basket: if you do not have any dispenser as mentioned above, you can always add your chlorine pucks to the skimmer basket one at a time.

The last item for your weekly care is algaecide. This product is added weekly alongside chlorine to keep bacteria and algae away. We carry 2 main types of algaecide for your pool needs:

  1. Algae Resist 50

  2. Algon

How much algaecide do I add?

Check our PDF for a size chart.


What else do I need to watch for?

            You will be provided with test strips, and this will be how you can help monitor your pool chemical levels. Your test strips will measure pH, alkalinity, chlorine, and stabilizer. The stabilizer can be disregarded. The ideal levels are as follows:

pH: 7.4-7.6

Alkalinity: 120-150 ppm

Chlorine: 1-3 ppm

If you use a test strip and your levels are not within range, you can always take a water sample into our store location and have us provide you with step-by-step instructions to perfectly balance your water. This means weekly you will be adding chlorine granules and algaecide while ensuring you always have chlorine pucks in your chlorinator, dispenser, or skimmer basket.

I am using a salt-water generator, what do I need to do?

A salt-water generator will convert salt into chlorine and maintain your chlorine levels, this means you will not need to shock weekly or add pucks. But, you will need to continue to use an algaecide weekly. People with salt-water generators will need to treat their pools like a general chlorine pool at the start and end of the season. Once the summer heat arrives and you can run the generator, you will be treating the pool weekly with just algaecide, and shocking only once a month if needed.



Let us help you understand what you need to do with chemicals.

Manual - Chemicals
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