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Backyard Bands

Backyard Brands

Dazzle, Mineraluxe & Pristiva

In the Backyard Brands chemical line, we carry both Dazzle and Mineraluxe for pools and hot tubs.

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Share the Gift of Water

Many regions in developing countries are without safe drinking water sources. Backyard brands aims to support people who are in need by raising money with every purchase. When you purchase Dazzle pool or hot tub chemicals you will contribute to:

  • Assist alleviation of rural poverty

  • Increase awareness in environmental issues and environmental resources.

  • Provide greater opportunities for females and families

  • A solution for drinkable water shortages

  • Decrease water-borne diseases

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Why Chose Backyard Brands?

The Dazzle line from Backyard Brands are simple and easy chemicals to use, while also being gentle on skin and equipment. Backyard Brands has a pool chemical line for weekly care that takes no more than 5 minutes to use. This weekly care bundle is called the Pure Wow kit. This kit contains enough chemicals for 3 months (for 50,000 L or less). Within the kit you will find Amaze Plus pouches and Protect Sticks for sanitizing agents and Assure for an algaecide. Backyard Brands also carries similar product to keep your hot tub dazzling.

Backyard brands also carries the Mineraluxe chemical line specifically designed for hot tubs. This system is mineral based to be very gentle for the user, this is the softest and most pleasing hot tub chemical system we carry. You can purchase the weekly care products in a kit, either 1 month or 3 month at a time. The kit contains cubes to prevent staining & scaling, soften the water, and maintain scumlines, oxygen to oxidize the water, and a sanitizing agent.


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