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While vacuuming, you can follow the steps listed below:

  1. Connect your vacuum head to your vacuum hose (if there is a swivel end, connect that to the vacuum head)

  2. Connect the vacuum head to the telescopic pole

  3. Place the pool vacuum in the water

  4. Blow the air out of the vacuum hose by holding the end not connected to the vacuum head over the return jet

  5. Let the air bubble out of the lines – air will push out of the vacuum head

  6. Cup your hand over the end of the vacuum hose, while still in water

  7. Place vacuum hose into either the skimmer or onto a vacuum plate

  8. Check filter pressure to ensure the suction remains, you should feel resistance if you lightly tug on the vacuum hose



Let us help you understand how to properly vacuum your pool.

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