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Pool Equipment:

            The first piece of equipment you will find is your skimmer. This is the large white or grey box-like structure coming off the pool. Water starts flowing through the skimmer and large debris are caught within the skimmer basket inside. If the skimmer fills with leaves and bugs you can simply take the basket out and wash it. There is a “door” on the skimmer we call the weir, this regulates the water flow into the skimmer and prevents large items from getting stuck in the skimmer.

            Between the skimmer and the pump you will find a valve handle. This handle acts as a shut off for water flow into the equipment. Anytime you close the ball valve handle, turn the pump off first.


           The pump is the next piece of equipment, creating pressure and moving the water through the plumbing lines. The pump can easily be turned on and off with a switch located either on the side or the back of the pump. The pump must be plugged directly into an outlet and NOT into an extension chord. Plugging your pump into an extension chord can cause melting and fire risks as well as voiding your warranty for the pump. Above ground pool pumps can be plugged into a standard outdoor outlet. If the pump is placed too far from the house or is an inground pump, then an electrician will have to specially wire these for you.

          The water flows into the front of the pump, through the pump basket, into the motor components and then out the top of the pump. Sometimes the pump canister can look empty due to being completely full which is normal. It is also perfectly normal if you see a few bubbles around the top of the lid.

          If you notice large amounts of debris in the pump basket you can simply remove the pump basket to clean it and place it back inside. To remove the pump basket, follow these steps:

  1. Turn the pump off by switch

  2. Close all ball valves

  3. Twist ring around pump cover to open

  4. Remove cover (careful to not lose the o-ring)

  5. Remove the basket, wash and place back inside.

  6. Ensure O-ring is on pump lid

  7. Place lid back on and twist tightly

  8. Open all ball valves again

  9. Turn pump on and continue pool use

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Let us help you understand how to use your pump.

Manual - Pumps

Download Hayward Pump Manual

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