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            If you do not have a pool heater, the plumbing lines will go from the sand filter to the return jet with a ball valve in between. If you have a heater, you will have what we call a “heater harness” around the entrance of the heater. The heater harness will be an H shape with 3 ball valves, one on each of the vertical lines of the H (l & l) and one along the horizontal line of the H (--). The two on the vertical lines are the in and out ball valves, while the horizontal line is the “by-pass” valve.

           If you want your heater to run, you will need the ball valves on the vertical lines to be open (l & l open), and the horizontal line to be closed (--). This would visually have all your ball valve handles pointing towards the heater (perpendicular to the heater).

           If you do not want your heater to run, you will need to reverse the ball valve handles. The ball valves on the vertical lines (l & l) would have to be closed. Also, the by-pass valve on the horizontal line (--) would be opened. This would visually have all the ball valve handles pointing away from the heater (parallel to the heater).


             If you have a heater (and not saltwater), you will also have a chlorinator, which is a tall grey canister with a black lid. This is a very simple piece of equipment meant to hold the chlorine pucks, to prevent the constant feed of harsh chlorine through the heater. The chlorinator has a dial on the front that reads from 0 to 10. The average number is around a 3-4 but, this heavily depends on how hot the temperature is and how many people are swimming in the pool at the time. To place chlorine pucks into the chlorinator, follow these steps:

  1. Turn off Pump

  2. Turn all ball valves to the closed position.

  3. Press down on the small clip and gently twist the cap off the clip.

  4. DO NOT QUCIKLY OPEN THE CHLORINATOR. Due to the chlorinator being an enclosed space with chlorine dissolving, it will emit gasses which can be harmful. Twist the cap until you hear a “sssssssss” of the gasses being released.

  5. After all gasses have been released continue twisting the top of the chlorinator until it comes off.

  6. Place chlorine pucks inside the chlorinator

  7. Place top back onto chlorinator, ensure you hear the clip of the cover locking back into place.

  8. Turn ball valves to the open position, continue normal operations.

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Let us help you understand controlling your heater.

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