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Saltwater Generator

Let us help you understand what is important about saltwater.

Manual - Saltwater

If you have an above ground salt-water generator, the aquatrol, than you will have a two part system. The two parts include:


T-cell 5: Connected before the return jet, this contains the actual electrodes that convert the salt into chlorine. You will find a long white chord off of this device that plugs into your panel.


Control Panel: This is the control center for the chlorine output. There is a small dial that goes from 0-100, this is the output of chlorine. The output dial usually sits around 30-40% but, this is dependent on how many people are using the pool, or how hot the temperature is outside. There is a small box with a digital reading, this reads your salt level. Your salt level should be between 2700-3400 ppm and if it is not in range, it will not produce chlorine. If the salt levels are too high or too low than the lights on the generator will flash at you. There is a small switch on the left-hand side that reads super-chlorinate, auto and off. You will want the generator to be switched to auto to run.

            The salt-water generator will flash an inspect cell light at you every year as an indication to clean the cell. Your salt cell should be cleaned every year when it is removed from your pool. If the salt cell has been cleaned and it still flashing the check cell light, you can push and hold the diagnostic button for 3 seconds to remove the code. You should never play with the diagnostic button and freely click as it can change modes on the system and cause trouble. The salt system can not run when the temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius, and running the system when the temperature outside is too cold can be damaging to the cell.


Download Aquatrol Manual

Download Aquarite Manual

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