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Pool Manual

Let Island Hot Tubs & Pools provide information for you on running your pool. Sections we cover are beginner chemicals, vacuuming, pumps, filters, heaters, chlorinators, and saltwater generators. If you need advice further than this try our tutorial videos or call us at 902-888-2734 or 902-566-2734.

To access the pool manual, either click the PDF icon or scroll below for sections.


Need basic tips for using our chemical products in your pool?


Need a break down on using the pump on your swimming pool?


Unsure of how to use your heater or use the by-pass method?


Need help with vacuuming your swimming pool? This section will walk you through the steps to vacuum.


Need a break down on using your sand filter and backwashing?

Saltwater Generator

This section will help you determine how to read, use and understand your Aquatrol or Aquarite saltwater generators.

Pool Manual
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